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Navients Contact Information

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 10, 2016 1:41 pm

I can’t speak for all loan servicers but Navient, formally part of Sallie Mae is divided into many departments. The department’s computers are not linked up so much of the information and exchanges with the employees are not shared.

When you call customer service, you will get transferred to someone most likely with a foreign accent who can only service your private loans. They will not tell you this leaving you to believe that all your loans are being serviced together.
When working with Navient I suggest you work with their Customer Advocate department only, since they will handle both private and federal loans.

Below is some contact information which you might find useful. If anyone else came across any contact information please share.

As stated earlier only work with the customer advocates office since they can handle both your federal and private loans. I advise that you call Emily first and then confirm whatever you discussed with Terry Whitehead, Emily Pollick and Gerard Donovan. Emily is very incompetent and discussing your problems with their supervisors will be beneficial in order to get your problems solved. Also send a chain letter to the emails below with a summary of what you spoke about and any requests you have. Do this every time you speak with Navient so there is no confusion and a trail of your attempts to resolve your loans.

Emily Pollack (customer advocate worker)- (570) 821- 6534

Terry Whitehead (supervisor customer advocate)- (570) 821-6510

Angelica Kameolia (director customer advocate)- (570) 821-6040

Gerard Donovan (security guard/paperboy)-(302) 283-8106

Email Addresses (CEO) (Legal Department) (Director Customer Advocate) (Customer Advocate Supervisor) (Customer Advocate Worker) (Security Guard/ Paper boy)


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